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estratto del telegiornale piemonte  20-10-2017 ore 14:00
sull'inaugurazione della stagione 2017-2018
della Casa del Teatro con DRACULA...








promo1dracula Cominciate le prove di Dracula!!!
Produzione della Casa del Teatro Ragazzi e Giovanil, con musica di PERTURBAZIONE, libretto di Rosa Mogliasso, canzoni di Tommaso Cerasuolo, scenografie di Alice Delorenzi, costumi di Sitar Chan, light design di Simona Gallo. CONTROLUCE firma l'idea, la messinscena e la regia (le sagome originali di Cora Demaria) Ecco il clip-reportage della presentazione del progetto lo scorso giugno...

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Project, staging and direction
CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre:
Cora De Maria, Alberto Jona, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas

Original silhouettes Cora De Maria

Music and original songs PERTURBAZIONE:
Tommaso Cerasuolo, Cristiano Lo Mele,
Rossano Lo Mele, Alex Baracco

Dramaturgy Rosa Mogliasso

Scenery Alice Delorenzi    Costumes Sita Singh    Light designer Simona Gallo

On stage Perturbazione and Celeste Gugliandolo, with puppeteers-actors Elena Campanella, Alice De Bacco e Marco Intraia

production Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani

Mixing past and present, contemporary and myth, the show is an imaginative pop-rock dive into the worlds of shadow with an glance to cinema and musical. How is contemporary Dracula, how has he reinvented himself? Does it move in the sunlight? The words of Rosa Mogliasso, PERTURBAZIONE music and the shadows of CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre to investigate the mystery of this intriguing character who with his fatal bite passes through the centuries, in literature and at the cinema.

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extract from the TV news TRG piemonte on 20-10-2017 14:00h.
about the inauguration of Casa del Teatro 2017-2018 season with DRACULA...

butterfly115th June 2017, 21:30h.
Teatro Politeama,  Poggibonsi (SI)



Paralyzed by the needles like a butterfly on a showcase, Giacomo Puccini lies on his final bed in Bruxelles. A blazing, cherry blossom voice looms over the mysterious shadows that are disturbing his sleepless nights. That’s the starting of Controluce’s new show that makes little Butterfly the hugest heroine in the opera repertoire...

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fotocuenca"... Finally, I have to dwell on the beautiful staging: delicate, ethereal and centered on a screen and careful games of shadows and lights. With so little they have absolutely had it all: beauty, variety, color and seduction. This is undoubtedly the way." (pdf SP)

Other press cuts...

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