popp kreiss POPP-KREIS

vocal/staging workshop on music by Monteverdi (L'incoronazione di Poppea) and Stockhausen (Tierkreis)

Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana at the Studio Foce of Lugano 4th - 14th february 2016; Final performance on 14th february, 18:30h.

idea Luisa Castellani with the collaboration of Barbara Zanichelli

conductor Darren Hargan

stage director Alberto Jona

shadows theatre Jenaro Meléndrez Chas

The Incoronazione -in its wonderful game of feigning, betrayal, duplicity and sensuality- and the Zodiac -in its abstraction and sense of destiny- staged with shadows have become for the students of the Conservatory an exclusive occasion of research on music interpretation, an original access-way to the emotional world of each character.
Different gesture languages, from baroque to contemporary theatre, cohabit in this staging using shadow theater not only as scenic design but especially as a tool for investigating the characters psychology (shadow as double, unconscious, unspoken, dream...) "Interlacing two distant-in-time works while maintaining a thread of history but seizing and opening up to new and unexpected ideas"...

With: Giovanni Baraglia, Juan Manuel Bernal Jimenez, Brenda Borradori, Barbara Brandi, Renato Cadel, Javier Carbajal Ferro, Federica Cassati, Rebecca Agatha Calota, Laura Chareun, Alina Kovaleva, Marcelo Marchetti, Anna Piroli, Carmen Pirrone, Elena Revelant, Alice Rossi, Nuno Santos, Joel Sharbaugh, Dani Souto, Ana María Villamizar Carvajal, Tianyou Wang.



on music by Henry Purcell (Dido and Aeneas) and Sylvano Bussotti (Lachrimae)

vocal-staging workshop held together with Luisa Castellani, Barbara Zanichelli and Antonella Agati

Alberto Jona and Jenaro Meléndrez Chas from Controluce Teatro d'Ombre

Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana, Lugano

2-9 february 2015

Giovanni Baraglia, Barbara Brandi, Renato Cadel, Rebecca Agatha Calota, Federica Cassati, Laura Chareun, Giorgia Conterno, Pinar Donmez, Margit G. Fodor, Marcelo Marchetti, Sandra Ranisavljevic, Elena Revelant, Alice Rossi, Nuno Santos, Xin Yang and Alessandro Ghiringhelli (synthesizer)
con la participazione di Maria Francesca Rizza (flute) and Ilenia Torsello (clarinet)

PHOTO (rehearsals)



 Saturday 15th February 2014
at ICI London
 In collaboration with: Italian Cultural Institutute of London and Puppet Center

STAGING VERDI'S MACBETH has been half workshop and half masterclass. CONTROLUCE founders Cora De Maria, Alberto Jona and Jenaro Meléndrez Chas has illustrated CONTROLUCE's experience in staging Opera with shadows theatre techniques and discussed the activities involved in it, from theory to practice. Participants has been Louise Alexander, Matthew Cohen, Caroline Jones, Jennie Pedley and Louise Radinger

STAGING VERDI'S MACBETH was part of the project "Italian Contemporary Shadows Theatre" organised by Controluce Teatro d'Ombre with the support of ICI London, Puppet Centre and the contemporary art gallery Rosenfeld&Porcini which hosted the Controluce's performance HAIKU on 13th February 2014.


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WORKSHOP Alghero april 2013

workshop Alghero

A CONTROLUCE Shadows Theatre workshop has been held on 26th and 27th April 2013 in Alghero, Sardegna, organized by the Association Archivi del Sud, dedicated to the staging of a folk tale of Sardinia.

The laboratory has been held by the founders of Controluce Alberto Jona and Jenaro Meléndrez Chas and involved 8 participants.

We worked on the fairy tale of Pietrin Pietré and daddy Ogre, set in Capo Caccia and the city of Alghero.



The days 22, 23 and 24 March 2013, in the Sala Piccola of Casa del Teatro, was carried a short specific workshop on dramaturgy, and staging of opera with shadow theater, for students of the Piccola Accademia de Turin.

The workshop continued the collaboration between Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani onlus, and CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre in offering opportunities for practical experience and training in the field of Shadows Theatre.

Participants have concocted and tested the imaginative possibilities of shadows for three scenes from the opera "Il Pirata" by Bellini, on which CONTROLUCE then was working.

The project also opened the possibility, for participants, of creating four short shows (for shadow and foyer) which were presented at the 20th edition of INCANTI Rassegna Intenazionale di Teatro di Figura, 1st-6th October 2013.


"Poetic and techniques of CONTROLUCE Shadow Theatre


Shadow Theatre is part of an ancient tradition that is still alive in countries like China, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Greece. Versatile and flexible, it is the object of attention from contemporary, experimental and avant-garde theaters

As Puppetry in general, Shadow Theatre is an unlimited cultural resource that can fascinate adults and children telling little stories or stories that touch the deep themes of man. They also shares the practical characteristic of being able to be economically inexpensive.

Controluce's workshop aims to propose an immersion in contemporary shadow theater, as a multiform and surprising genre. In recent years it has increasingly contaminating other theatrical forms as prose, opera and musical theatre.

complete description | reportage

workshop reportage

Some Controluce workshops:

Before 2013 Controluce has organized shadow theater workshops in Italy, Austria, Germany and Portugal

2012 Torino workshop inside the didactic program of the Piccola Accademia della Casa Teatro Ragazzi e Giovani of Turin.
2012 Torino workshop organized by Controluce in collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi and Giovani onlus.
2012 Torino collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi and Giovani onlus for an intensive workshop dedicated to the staging of Le boeuf sur le toit of Darius Milhaud, a project Atelier Giovani of the Unione Musicale di Torino, presented in February 2012 at the Teatro Vittoria with live music.
2011 Torino Intensive workshop in collaboration with the Fondazione Teatro Ragazzi and Giovani onlus, in which four young people were selected for mounting The Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns, a project Atelier Giovani of the Unione Musicale di Torino, presented in February 2011 at the Teatro Vittoria with live music.
2008 Wels (Austria) Participation in the Austrian National School of Figure Theatre Basisausbildung Figurentheater. Controluce was commissioned to direct the section dedicated to Shadow Theatre. The workshop was conducted in collaboration with the International Figure Theatre Festival of Wels.
Wels workshop reportage.
2006 Schwaebisch Gmuend (Germany) Included in the Schattentheater Internationales Festival  a laboratory for an international group of scholars was organized in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Schwaebisch Gmuend workshop reportage Final works of the Schwaebisch Gmuend workshop, video.
2004 Wels (Austria) Controluce's workshop included in the Internationales Welser Figurentheaterfestival.
2001 Torino The company has conducted a workshop in the Castello di Rivoli Museo d'Arte Contemporanea in Turin, for eight months, led to 22 elementary school teachers. The project, dedicated to the relationship between music, shape and color, was based on "Feu d'artifice" of Stravinsky in the staging of Giacomo Balla, mounted at the Teatro del Castello di Rivoli.
1998 Merano Controluce organized a one-week workshop for the group Pratiko Theatre, on the subject Medea.
1996 Lisbon (Portugal)
On the occasion of the exhibition "A magia de imagem. A arquelogia do cinema através das coleccoes do Museu Nacional do Cinema de Turin " organized by the National Cinema Museum of Turin, Controluce's workshop at the Centro Cultural de Belem.


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