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THE MADNESS OF ORLANDO at Teatro comunale of L'Aquila

Schermata 2024 01 30 alle 15.48.282024, 15th February 21:00h.
16th February 17:30h.
16th February 21:00h.
Teatro Comunale L'Aquila
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Ariosto as seen by Calvino
between crossed destinies

based on an idea by Pietrangelo Buttafuoco
freely inspired by Ariosto's Orlando Furioso and texts by Italo Calvino

music by Patrizio Maria D'Artista
costumes by Maria Grazia Cimini
direction and dramaturgy by Graziano Piazza

scenic collaboration:
CONTROLUCE Teatro d'ombre

with Graziano Piazza, Viola Graziosi, Irene Paloma Jona, Nicola Morucci

production Teatro Stabile d'Abruzzo, Teatro Stabile Torino - Teatro Nazionale

Where do things lost on Earth go? Orlando loses his mind on the Moon, the place of our aspiration and sum of all stories, he is a prisoner of it. What's left? The exile of the mind, what it is unattainable: the "in-canto". Always searching, Orlando travels through an arid land, now lunar and finds in the Tarot the composition of his story, in fragments of poems that intertwine to regaining the mind between Kings and Queens of Swords, Knights of Wands, Chariot, Sun and Fool: the short circuit makes destinies to speak, crossed by figures, distant shadows. The combinatorial lunar warp dreams our stories and reworks them, in its ampoules it holds the pain of all not lived lives. A world upside down at the point of intersection of all possible orders. 

Ariosto was one of Italo Calvino's great narrative models, for his ability to connect rationalism and inventive freedom, irony and lucid and clear representation of reality in all its facets.

From an idea by Pietrangelo Buttafuoco, the meeting of two brilliant, imaginative and lunar authors such as Ariosto and Calvino (whose birth centenary was in 2023) becomes a fertile ground for an evocative narrative, where lost opportunities become simultaneous plots full of new developments.

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