Gulliver 1

GULLIVER – ou l'ombre de l'homme montagne

project Controluce / Biamonte / Boulouris 5
music by Bruno Moretti, version for ensemble of five instrumentalists and two voices
text Rosa Mogliasso (French translation
Francesco Biamonte)
CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre/Francesco Biamonte
original silhouettes Cora De Maria
light design Simona Gallo
production: Théâtre L'Echandole, Yverdon, CH

debut at Yverdon, November 2014 with the Quintet Boulouris 5:
Anne Gillot, Ignacio Lamas, Jean-Samuel Racine, Raya Raytcheva, Jocelyne Rudasigwa
Francesco Biamonte bass, Leana Durney soprano
Cora De Maria, Marco Intraia, Alberto Jona, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas, shadows
Simona Gallo light design

presentation (FR) | composer's notes | tecnical sheet | text | press cuts (FR,IT,DE) | videoclip |video| reportage | photo | didactic material (FR): 1, 2 | fb page (FR)

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