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Presentation Quixote

"Not everyone remembers that Aldonza, in Cervantes' novel, is Dulcinea's real name. Together with Teresa Panza, Sancho's wife, Aldonza sets out in search of Don Quixote and his squire. She wants to meet for the first time the man who goes around talking too highly about her, and who has caused her to change herself to live up to her fame. Teresa wants to join her husband, because during Sancho's absence his property was raided and his children were exterminated by a dangerous criminal. He does not yet know that it was Don Quixote who unwittingly freed that evildoer. Who, in the meantime, together with Sancho finds himself reliving the experiences of his biographer, Miguel De Cervantes: the great writer had an adventurous life that he did not tell directly. And so Don Quixote and Sancho fight at Lepanto, and go through many other ordeals, no longer imaginary but real.
The show follows the parallel journeys of these two couples. Will they be able to meet?"
Tiziano Scarpa

Acting and shadows for a rereading of the novel that inaugurates modernity in European literature. Tiziano Scarpa gives a personal reading that opens a gap from where the shadows of Controluce infiltrate to support the peculiar acting style of the Accademia dei Folli.

ACCADEMIA DEI FOLLI is a theater company from Turin that was founded in 1997 from the synergy and a continuous exchange between actors graduated from the School of the Teatro Stabile in Turin, playwrights, musicians and technicians: a work team capable of merging artistic urgencies and the need of the stage with the intent to give life to a theater in which music and sound effects, Words and scenic movements, lights and theatrical dynamics merge into a living theatrical language, capable of communicating with an audience increasingly accustomed to other forms of entertainment, exciting it, involving it, making it reflect.

CONTROLUCE TEATRO D'OMBRE founded in 1994 by Corallina De Maria, Alberto Jona and Jenaro Melendrez Chas, has always dedicated itself to the relationship between shadow theater and music in the field of contemporary, baroque and operatic music, collaborating with artists such as Kate Bush, Vinicio Capossela, Jordi Savall, Fabio Biondi, Mario Brunello, Davide Livermore, Nicola Comporande, Alessandro Baricco among others.

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