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Ombres du Minotaure

ombres5 Ombres du Minotaure

Opera by Michèle Reverdy on libretto by Julien Mages
Artistic and stage d
irection Francesco Biamonte
Musical direction: Lennart Dohms, Antoine Françoise

Intervention with shadows CONTROLUCE Teatro d'Ombre
Scenography: Adrien Moretti, Light design: Pia Marmier
Original silhouettes: Cora Demaria, Costume: Léa Bettenfeld
Direction assistant: Floriane Comméléran

Fabien Hyon tenor, Clara Meloni soprano, Julien Clément baritone, Gérald Durand dance
Elena Campanella, Pierre Jacquemin, Jenaro Meléndrez Chas, shadows
Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain NEC: Noëlle-Anne Darbellay (violin) Cyril Dupuy (cymbalum) Maxime Favrod (percussion)

Jorge Manuel Fuentes Arce (horn) Jean-François Lehmann (clarinet) Claire-Pascale Musard (oboe) Céline Portat (viola)
Noëlle Reymond (contrabasso)

Production: Papageno.Corp / NEC - Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain
Coproduction: Oriental-Vevey | Théâtre du Passage, Neuchâtel
schedule Vevey:  Oriental-Vevey, 16, 17, 18 gennaio 2019 ore 20:00, 19 gennaio ore 19:00, 20 gennaio ore 17:30
schedule Neuchâtel: Théâtre du Passage,  24 gennaio 2019 ore 20:00

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