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Shadows and surroundings

Shadows and surroundings

program of shadow theatre workshops aimed at elementary schools based on the model developed for Grugliasco schools in 2019, resulting from the collaboration between the municipality of Grugliasco and PIP, a production/teaching project of Turin's INCANTI International Puppet Theatre Festival, organized by Controluce.

The goal of the proposal is to spread Puppet Theatre in general and in particular Shadow Theater among the younger generations.

School year 2019-2020

Workshop duration: 5 meetings of one hour each. Carrying out period: at any time of the year. Technical needs: darkness, the place where the laboratory activity is carried out must be completely obscured; desk available (or a table). Materials: materials used during the workshop will be provided by Controluce, children will be asked to bring scissors, sharpener, pencil etc., present in their pen holder.
During the first meeting, the shadows' puppeteer will make a small performance in the classroom on the teacher's desk presenting to the children some basic techniques used in shadows theatre. Basic knowledge about the use of shadow projection with a light source (torch) will be shared. Then children will be invited to imagine a short story together and to learn how to translate it into images by creating a storyboard, suitable for shadows performing. In the following meetings each child will be guided in the creation of one or more cardboard silhouettes and the experimentation of the techniques for animating it as a shadow.

ATTENTION: please remember that for the proper development of the workshop a completely obscurable room is necessary. An important part of the activity will be carried out in the dark.

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Poetic and techniques of
Controluce Teatro d'Ombre

Workshop with two or three teachers for a maximum of 20 participants and a minimum of 2 meetings of 5 hours on consecutive days.

The aim of the workshop is to propose an overview over  contemporary shadow theatre following the experience of our company. For the quality of using materials easy to find, shadow theatre is enormously suited for didactic paths, since for its realization rather than expenses are required imagination, creativity and team spirit.






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Shadows and Surroundings
workshops for primary schools

In the 2019 edition of INCANTI International Puppet Theatre Festival, the experimentation of workshops in Grugliasco primary schools, carried out in collaboration with the city of Grugliasco within the PIP project, has achieved broad participation and received great interest.

For this reason Controluce is proposing a program of shadow theatre workshops aimed at elementary schools, opening the project to other schools in Turin and surroundings for the 2019/2020 school year, with the aim of spreading Puppet Theatre in general and in particular Shadow Theatre among the younger generations.                    +info >

Poetics and techniques of Controluce

workshopShadow Theater belongs to a millennial tradition alive in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Turkey and Greece. Versatile and flexible, it is the subject of attention by contemporary and avant-garde theatrical experimentation. Like Puppet Theatre in general, Shadow Theatre is an unlimited cultural resource able of fascination on adults and children both by telling small stories and touching the deeper themes of mankind. They also share the practical feature of low costs. Controluce's workshop proposes an overview over contemporary shadow theatre as a multifaceted and surprising genre that in recent years has contaminated more and more often both theatre of prose and music theatre..
Fworkshop5or the quality of using materials easy to find, shadow theatre is enormously suited for didactic paths, since its feature rather than being expensive requires imagination, creativity and team spirit.

The structure of this workshop allows a massimum of 20 participants and 2 or 3 teachers for a minimum of 2 meeting of 5 hours in consecutive days.

(2 days of 5 hours hypothesis)

First day

Theoretical part: brief notions on shadow theatre with possible viewing of video examples. Presentation of different possibilities for construction of silhouettes
and types of movement, screens and use of light.

Division of participants into subgroups to facilitate the realization of short scenes. Choice of subjects for each workshop6scene. Building a storyboard. Drawing and editing of silhouettes useful for shows. Exercises of manipulation and use of light.

Second day
Verification and assembly of the prepared material. Rehearsal. Each group represents the built scene.

Large room, with work tables, able of total darkness. Better if there are two rooms, one for construction and one more for rehearsals.
Video projector with computer connection.
Sheets of black cardboard, white pencils, cutters, wooden sticks for mounting silhouettes, glue and scissors. A roll of white paper.


Shadow theater lamps, projection screens, color filters and other
supporting material.     

Travel costs coverage and full hospitality required.
A fee discussed each occasion, depending on factors as number of company members involved


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